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“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

God does have better plans for you! His plans include a hope and a future. He would never bring you harm; nor will He allow those who have to go unpunished. God loves you and like any loving father, He does not want you to live with the pain and resentment that often comes in life.

I have known Crystal Deeds for years as her pastor and friend. I can say that she has successfully journeyed through some dark valleys and is willing to walk alongside you in these pages. This is not a book to flip through and sit on the shelf. This is a tool. A guide. A manual for future reference. As one of the sections are titled, healing is a lifelong process.

“I Have Better Plans for You” is an excellent foundation to help you on your way to living a life free from the paralyzing pain from your past. My prayer is that through the wisdom and experience Crystal shares, you too will find healing, hope and God’s plan for your future.

Keith Boyer, Lead Pastor of 3D Church, Aurora, CO

former Pastor of Crossroads Community Church, Freeport, IL.


“I have been in ministry over 28 years, visited more than 26 countries, and lived in 4. Over the years my family has seen and experienced enough to know this is a broken world full of broken lives. Crystal has experienced both hurt and healing and been a source of healing to many. I have heard it said a message from the head will reach the head, and a message from the heart will reach the heart, but a message from a life will reach a life. In this book Crystal shares life changing principles from her own life. Anyone would find this book practical, insightful, and helpful; but if you have been deeply hurt or broken or know someone who has, this book can lay a course for healing and wholeness. I personally know Crystal’s story and can say she has been through the fire and doesn’t even smell like smoke. Let her life story change yours or someone you love who is hurting. I KNOW that the principles and the life shared in this book can bring healing. My prayer is that you will experience it and pass it on. Is. 61:1-4”

Jon Eastlick, Outreach Pastor

Crossroads Community Church, Freeport, IL.


“I am glad that I had the opportunity to go through the small group study using this book. It took me to deeper parts in my life, some things that I had buried inside for years and it brought them to the surface and also brought so much healing to my life. The questions and discussions make you think, confess, and share your thoughts. I grew so much from this experience by talking and bringing out the things that needed to come out. I received a new outlook on life, more confidence in myself, and newfound encouragement. I discovered I don’t have to let the past experiences of my life keep me from being the person God wants me to be. Sometimes we tend to hold on to the hurtful things in our past and we don’t let it go. We also let the enemy lie to us and say that we can never be a good person or that the past has tainted us so we can’t live a productive life. The study helped me to realize I had been listening to the enemy’s lies and allowing him to steal my joy, so I had to work to change that and start being more aware of when he puts those lies in my head and resist them. This book, with the help of Crystal and God, helped me to let go of the past and, in doing so, I found healing, restoration, and I now know that my life has value and purpose.”

Teresa (small group participant)


Reviews from other small group participants:

“I have better Plans For You” is more than just a book.  It is Spirit-filled and has the potential to change your life for the better! I have been learning, growing, and healing. The book brings to the surface those things that lie beneath that need to be addressed in a Godly way. I was at a really low point when I started the Bible study! God does have better plans for me! Much better than the plans that I had for me! I’m only halfway through the book now but I can say my life/ perspective has definitely changed for the better. I’m walking and thinking in the right direction now.   I look forward to completing the book.  With Crystal as my leader, we’ve learned to find glitter in the “poop”. Sometimes I don’t like it at the moment but it all turns out good for the glory of God. In a world of hurts and pains I believe this book is for anyone who wants to grow past the hurts and learn to heal. May the Holy Spirit be your guide as well as mine.


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